Microsoft 70-533 Certification Dumps, Implement QoS on the Cisco ASA

The function of QoS: the delay-sensitive traffic is not limited and the priority is increased, such as voice, video, etc.; Microsoft 70-533 Certification, the default priority traffic is restricted to ensure the normal transmission of the former, Microsoft 70-5 Dumps.

The security device accomplishes QoS by allowing two traffic queue types: one is low-latency queue LLQ; Microsoft 70-5 Dumps, the other is default queue. Microsoft 70-533 Certification, Only the default traffic is subject to the rate limit.

Microsoft 70-533 Certification, QoS consumes a lot of resources of security devices and reduces the performance of security devices, so QoS is prohibited by default.

 Threre are three methods to implement QoS on the Cisco ASA:
1. Traffic policing. When the traffic reaches the set threshold, the traffic control discards the packet; Microsoft 70-533 Certification.
2. Traffic shaping. Traffic shaping puts the packet into the waiting queue (supported in version 7.2.4 or later); Microsoft 70-5 Dumps.
3. Priority queueing (priority queueing). The priority queue is not affected by the first two, and its priority is higher than the first two. In the same situation, traffic using the priority queue passes first. Microsoft 70-5 Dumps.
In practice, these three methods are used in combination.

The key points and steps to configuration:
1) Set the class map to define the traffic classification. Match the traffic you want to control, you can use ACL, dscp, tunnel-group…
Microsoft 70-5 Dumps
2) Set the policy map to classify each traffic, associating policies and actions. And apply priroty or (and)police on the corresponding class map.
3) Set the service policy and match the required policy map.
Microsoft 70-5 Dumps
4) Apply the service policy to the interface. Apply the policy to a logical or physical interface.
Microsoft 70-533 Certification

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