January 19, 2019

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ADM-201 dumps exam pdf

Latest ADM-201 dumps exam questions and answers (10Q&As)

Refer to the exhibit.200-101 dumps
Given the output for this command, if the router ID has not been manually set,
what router ID will OSPF use for this router?
Answer: C

The internetwork infrastructure of company XYZ consists of a single OSPF area
as shown in the graphic. There is concern that a lack of router resources is
impeding internetwork performance. As part of examining the router resources,
the OSPF DRs need to be known. All the router OSPF priorities are at the default
and the router IDs are shown with each router.
200-101 dumps
Which routers are likely to have been elected as DR? (Choose two.)
A. Corp-1
B. Corp-2
C. Corp-3
D. Corp-4
E. Branch-1
F. Branch-2
Answer: D, F

What does a router do if it has no EIGRP feasible successor route to a destination
network and the successor route to that destination network is in active status?
A. It routes all traffic that is addressed to the destination network to the interface
indicated in the routing table.
B. It sends a copy of its neighbor table to all adjacent routers.
C. It sends a multicast query packet to all adjacent neighbors requesting available
routing paths to the destination network.
D. It broadcasts Hello packets to all routers in the network to re-establish
neighbor adjacencies.
Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit
200-101 dumps
The network is converged. After link-state advertisements are received from
Router_A, what information will Router_E contain in its routing table for the
subnets and
A. O [110/13] via, 00:00:07, FastEthernet 0/0
O [110/13] via, 00:00:16, FastEthernet 0/0
B. O [110/1] via, 00:00:07, Serial 1/0
O [110/3] via, 00:00:16, FastEthernet 0/0
C. O [110/13] via, 00:00:07, Serial 1/0
O [110/13] via, 00:00:16, Serial 1/0
O [110/13] via, 00:00:16, FastEthernet 0/0
D. O [110/3] via, 00:00:07, Serial 1/0
O [110/3] via, 00:00:16, Serial 1/0
Answer: A

Which command is used to display the collection of OSPF link states?
A. show ip ospf link-state
B. show ip ospf lsa database
C. show ip ospf neighbors
D. show ip ospf database
Answer: D

What is the default administrative distance of OSPF?
A. 90
B. 100
C. 110
D. 120
Answer: C 200-101 dumps

The following configuration is applied to a Layer 2 Switch:
interface fastethernet 0/4 switchport mode access switchport port-security
switchport port-security mac-address 0000.1111.1111
switchport port-security maximum 2
swithcport port-security
What is the result of the above configuration being applied to the switch?
A. A host with a mac address of 0000.1111.1111 and up to two other hosts can
connect to FastEthernet 0/4 simultaneously
B. A host with a mac address of 0000.1111.1111 and one other host can connect
to Fast Ethernet 0/4 simultaneously
C. Violating addresses are dropped and no record of the violation is kept
D. The switch can send an SNMP message to the network management station
E. The port is effectively shutdown
Answer: B, D

Refer to the exhibit.
200-101 dumps
Which of these correctly describes the results of port security violation of an
unknown packet?
A. port enabled; unknown packets dropped; no SNMP or syslog messages
B. port enabled; unknown packets dropped; SNMP or syslog messages
C. port disabled; no SNMP or syslog messages
D. port disabled; SNMP or syslog messages
Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit.
200-101 dumps
What three actions will the switch take when a frame with an unknown source
MAC address arrives at the interface? (Select three.)
A. Send an SNMP trap.
B. Send a syslog message.
C. Increment the Security Violation counter.
D. Forward the traffic.
E. Write the MAC address to the startup-config.
F. Shut down the port.
Answer: A, B, C

Refer to the exhibit.**Exhibit Missing**
A technician pastes the configurations in the exhibit into the two new routers
shown. Otherwise, the routers are configured with their default configurations. A
ping from Host1 to Host2 fails, but the technician is able to ping the S0/0
interface of R2 from Host1. The configurations of the hosts have been verified as
correct. What is the cause of the problem?
A. The serial cable on R1 needs to be replaced.
B. The interfaces on R2 are not configured properly.
C. R1 has no route to the network.
D. The IP addressing scheme has overlapping subnetworks.
E. The ip subject-zero command must be configured on both routers.
Answer: C

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